What would we do in Payson? (Part 2 of Why Payson Moms Blog?)

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

What would we do in Payson? I was asked this question by a family member visiting from out of state a couple of weeks ago. We met them in Phoenix and wanted them to make a trip to Payson with us for the day. "I don't mean to sound rude, but what would we do in Payson?" I knew they sincerely weren't trying to be rude, yet I did want so badly to be able to defend my beautiful, little town. I sat there in silence trying to think of what to say and sadly realized that I had no defense. I honestly couldn't think of ANYTHING. How sad is that?! Take a drive? Take a trip to the park and hope we see some elk? Get some ice cream? I wished I could have said, "There is a fall festival we can go to!", or "There is an event going on where we can take ALL the kids!" But no. Nada. What if this could change? What if I could be apart of creating events for moms and their children in Payson? Be on the lookout! Events to come!!

Beth Campbell, founder of Payson Moms Blog

Beth Campbell is a local mom of 4 beautiful children. She has been married to her best friend and college sweetheart, Brian, for 13 years. She loves living in Payson and connecting with other moms. She has a desire to see activities for moms and children grow in the Payson area, along with support for local businesses. She also desires to create an online atmosphere of support and encouragement for moms of all ages and stages of life through the Payson Moms Blog.
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