Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Fall is upon us! Can you feel the brisk mornings in our lovely little town of Payson? I love that the summer heat has passed and fall is here!!! Cold mornings, warm days and evenings with a log in the fireplace!

So many people love to decorate with pumpkins in many ways! Roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, and decorated pumpkins on their porches! Wouldn’t it be nice to find an easier way to get all that sticky pumpkin goo out? Well I came across this fun hack that you might enjoy! If you do try it, post a picture on the Payson Moms Blog facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Paysonmomsblog) and let us know how it goes!! HAPPY FALL DAYS!

  • First, cut the top off the pumpkin

  • Next, get a hand mixer (with one or 2 whisks on it as both work)

  • Use the hand mixer to detach all the insides of the pumpkin...take the whisks right to the edge of the inside of the pumpkin so it scrapes the bits off

  • Scoop out the insides that are now all mush (it takes about 5 minutes to do the inside of a pumpkin)

Bree Wilson, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Bree Wilson is a local Payson mom to 5 handsome, smart, and adventurous boys. Bree and her husband, Craig, met in college and have been married for 19 years. Payson has been their home for the last 13 years, so she is a wonderful resource for all things Payson. Bree loves her family and loves the outdoors. With 5 active boys, Bree is well aware of all of the activities in Payson that a boy mom would need to know. When Bree isn't cleaning, meal prepping, running a son to practice, helping with homework, or looking for her dog (who likes to run through her neighbors homes), you might find her at Rim Country Cross Fit, where she loves to workout and interact with other moms.  
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