Our Morning in Pine and Strawberry

Payson and its neighboring towns are really full of little hidden gems. What really makes our towns special is the love that is put into small businesses. There are many gems that people come from all over the state just to visit and experience for themselves and Pine and Strawberry are no exceptions.

I had first heard of the Pie Bar randomly on Instagram (@piebaraz). They were in my suggested people to follow list, but I didn't really think much of it at first. I have driven by more than once and realized what it was and how I was already following them on social media. I just HAD to go there but kept forgetting to look at the times that they were open. (Found out it was 9-5 every day except Wednesdays)

You can check them out on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/PIEbar-AZ-Empanadas-Cocktails-Coffee-and-more-103826234731584/

I decided that today would be the day that I took the kids up there and tried something new.

I checked out the menu the night before and was pleasantly surprised at their menu. They have hand held pies, or empanadas, and have a great variety of savory and sweet pies.

We decided on three savory pies and one dessert pie, and they did not disappoint!

We chose the mountain man pie, which is filled with sausage, potatoes and gravy, a mountain baby pie, which is filled with mac 'n' cheese and bacon, and an artichoke dip pie. For the sweet pie, we chose the berry pie.

The pies are warm and flaky, everything you expect a pie to be. My personal favorite was the mountain man pie, followed by the mountain baby and then the artichoke dip. The artichoke dip one is yummy but definitely prefer the other two more. The berry pie was more like a tart, sprinkled with sugar and the berry mixture was also mixed with plums and it was so delicious. Definitely a must try!

They have outdoor seating, drinks available to buy, and a really nice, separate bathroom. We were even able to bring our pup with us, too. Also, every pie was less than $5. Pretty reasonable and worth every penny.

After our lunch, we went on a little hike in Pine.

At the Pine Trailhead, there are a few different trails to choose from. All of the trails are part of the Arizona Trail System which covers the entire length of Arizona from the border of Mexico, to the border of Utah. The trail we chose was the Oak Spring trail. This trail is about 3 miles long, however, we only went about three quarters of a mile. (https://www.arizonahighways.com/oak-trail)

I've enjoyed taking my children on hikes with me ever since they were babies. I know hiking with children can feel daunting so I wanted to give some tips about how I manage to hike with my children.

● Lower your expectations! No really. Don't expect to do a full hike on your own with young kids. Even my kids who enjoy hiking, have their limits. Kids have a short attention span and will suddenly have "tired legs"after half an hour. Don't make your experience miserable for everyone by expecting them to hike more than a mile and be happy about it. Just don't.

● Tell them what to expect before you set off. Set a timer for how long you'll go one way. This way when that time is done, they'll know it's time to go back and will lower the chances of a meltdown.

● Grab a kid sized backpack and make them carry their own water with them. I bring a backpack for myself and pack my water and snacks for everyone, but I expect them to carry their own water which they are happy to carry in their backpacks. Also, any treasures they find along the way they can put in their backpacks. No rocks in your pockets mama!

These are just a few things I have learned and have found to be useful. Most of the time when we hike I like to find places with water because my kids really enjoy playing in and around the water. There are so many fun places to explore in our little rim country. Get out and explore with your kiddos, mama! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and make new memories along.

*If you decide to check out PieBar because of this blog post, please be sure to let them know that you heard about them from Payson Moms Blog! We would also love to see pictures of your experience @ https://www.facebook.com/Paysonmomsblog

Emily Newland, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Emily is a local Payson mom to two adventurous, free spirited children. Emily and her husband, Tim, have been happily married and residing in the Payson area together for the last 9 years. Emily enjoys hiking, working out, baking, crafting, homeschooling her kiddos, and anything Disney. If you don't find Emily working on any of those things, you may find her feeding and/or taking care of her 3 goats, 2 cows, 3 cats, dog, horse or her several chickens!! Oh, and don't let us forget... her pet peacock as well!! We are so blessed to have Emily as a part of the Payson Moms Blog team!

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