Love Dollar Tree!!

Can I just tell you how much I love Dollar Tree?! Seriously, everytime I go, I find more hidden treasures!!

I love to decorate my home, but really do not like to spend a fortune if I don't have to. The dollar store is perfect!!! I have several Dollar Tree treasures all around my house, and I get compliments on them often! Who would have thought?!

They also have great seasonal items every year from home decorations to wonderful gifts to DIY crafts!!

I haven't even mentioned the amazing, cheap, cards!! Oh my goodness, if you do not get cards from Dollar Tree, you need to do this at once! Cards can be SO expensive at other stores. At Dollar Tree, you can get them for .50 cents (or specialty ones for $1.00)!!! They aren't corny (like I had imagined they would be), they actually have wonderful expressions written in them. Birthday cards, sympathy cards, holiday cards...everything you need!

*My son wrote on the card, don't worry, the pen marks weren't included! ☺️

I hope this inspires you to keep more money in your pocket, yet also be able to get items that inspire you and your family!

Beth Campbell, founder of Payson Moms Blog

Beth Campbell is a local mom of 4 beautiful children. She has been married to her best friend and college sweetheart, Brian, for 13 years. She loves living in Payson and connecting with other moms. She has a desire to see activities for moms and children grow in the Payson area, along with support for local businesses. She also desires to create an online atmosphere of support and encouragement for moms of all ages and stages of life through the Payson Moms Blog.

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