Homemade Cranberry Sauce

I started making my own cranberry sauce when I got married because the canned stuff kinda weirds me out. But really, when I realized how quick and easy it is to make, it just made sense. Cranberries are in season and they are full of antioxidants to help you stay healthy this season.

To start, I poured a two pound bag of fresh cranberries into a large pot. You can use frozen too, but fresh is cheaper, usually.

Next, I added the zest from an orange and squeezed in the fresh juice.

Next, I preferred my cranberry sauce to be low carb, so I added stevia for the sweetener, about half a cup at first (I did add more later after tasting). You of course can use regular sugar. I'd start with half a cup and adjust the sweetness to your liking at the end.

Next, I added half a teaspoon of orange extract and half a teaspoon of cinnamon, but these are optional.

Turn the heat on high and watch it closely because it'll start to thicken quickly.

You'll notice the cranberries start to crack and burst. At this point you can squash them with the back of your spoon. At this point, keep stirring because it thickens quickly.

After about 5 minutes, you'll see it thicken. I just watch it until it reaches my desired thickness. At this point I turn down the heat and keep stirring until you can see a distinct line at the bottom of the pan where the sauce separates. If the sauce doesn't go back together, it's thick enough, turn the heat off.

At this point let it cool down a bit and take a taste for it. Add whatever you think it needs...more orange flavor, more cinnamon, etc. Adjust to your liking.

***I added baobab powder after realizing I had some and that it also has a citrusy flavor. It packs so much vitamin c and antioxidants and fiber, it's my favorite addition to almost anything, but of course, it is also optional. You can read more about the benefits of baobab in my post about apple cider for immunity.***

Now you have a delicious and healthy cranberry sauce. Enjoy!


2lb bag of cranberries.

1 orange for zesting and juice

1 c water

½ tsp cinnamon (optional)

½ tsp orange extract (optional)

½ c stevia or sweetener of your choice (honey is also really delicious in this recipe)

¼ c baobab powder (optional)

Emily Newland, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Emily is a local Payson mom to two adventurous, free spirited children. Emily and her husband, Tim, have been happily married and residing in the Payson area together for the last 9 years. Emily enjoys hiking, working out, baking, crafting, homeschooling her kiddos, and anything Disney. If you don't find Emily working on any of those things, you may find her feeding and/or taking care of her 3 goats, 2 cows, 3 cats, dog, horse or her several chickens!! Oh, and don't let us forget... her pet peacock as well!! We are so blessed to have Emily as a part of the Payson Moms Blog team!
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