Goodbye Bug Season!!!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

What does this mean in the Rim Country? We can get outside and play!!! I highly recommend Green Valley Park for many different types of fun for the family! The park has beautiful walking paths and is friendly for all ages and strollers!

It is also wonderful for date nights! There is grass!!! Wonderful, green, cool grass year-round for those of us who long for grass in our yards. Feel free to roll to your delight!

There is a playground for kids and benches to watch the wildlife on the lake.

We have also enjoyed an evening kayaking with grandma! Many times of the year you can see bald eagles and elk living at the park! Enjoy!

Bree Wilson, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Bree Wilson is a local Payson mom to 5 handsome, smart, and adventurous boys. Bree and her husband, Craig, met in college and have been married for 19 years. Payson has been their home for the last 13 years, so she is a wonderful resource for all things Payson. Bree loves her family and loves the outdoors. With 5 active boys, Bree is well aware of all of the activities in Payson that a boy mom would need to know. When Bree isn't cleaning, meal prepping, running a son to practice, helping with homework, or looking for her dog (who likes to run through her neighbors homes), you might find her at Rim Country Cross Fit, where she loves to workout and interact with other moms.  

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