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When I first moved to Payson, I was so excited because I moved right across the street from Swiss Village. If we wanted Mexican food from La Sierra, we could just walk there. Heaven! Aside from Mexican food, I was also so excited to live right across the street from a little boutique. They had such cute clothes and everything in there was adorable. Payson seems to see a lot of small businesses come and go, and like all of these businesses, I also moved out of town.

I hate to say it, but I haven't been as up-to-date on all of the upcoming shops and restaurants in Swiss Village since I've moved, but I am so surprised by what is there right now. One of those shops happens to be the fudge shop, which has been there as long as I've lived in the Rim Country, so probably even longer than that. So, it isn't necessarily new, but I feel like it's this little hidden gem and more people need to know about it.

This is a fudge shop, so of course there is so much delicious fudge. All of it is handmade in store and it is $15.99 for a pound of fudge. One block of fudge is about a quarter of a pound, so two blocks comes out to about $8 which was more than enough for my entire family.

There are so many adorable handmade gifts in this store like handmade soaps that smell amazing. Also there is so much unique candy which I think would make great stocking stuffers for the kiddos.

But what really stood out to me about this store was the ridiculously delicious sandwiches that are made in store. The Pork Soda Sandwich Shop has its own little nook in the store and Dawn and her husband Michael are the masterminds behind these yummy creations. They just opened this year in May in the fudge shop, but have sold their pork soda barbecue sauce for a few years. Michael smokes the brisket so it is fresh everyday and combined with their barbecue sauce, they easily have the best barbecue in town.

I ordered the Pork Soda Brisket Panini for my husband ($13) and Grilled Cheese with smoked ham and bacon ($11) for my kids to share. Each order came with house made coleslaw that has a poppyseed dressing and a bag of chips. I also got to try a sample of their chicken salad with grapes, cranberries and pecans and that was also delicious and will be the next thing I try. These sandwiches were so delicious, I honestly think they were the best I've had in Payson.

If you have guests in Payson and you want a great lunch, treat them to a sandwich and some fudge from the fudge shop in Payson. It will be a fun experience with a little something for everyone to enjoy, and you'll be supporting these small business as well. The fudge shop is open seven days a week.

The outside of swiss village during Christmas time is so adorable. They decorate with Christmas trees and lights, it feels so magical and like what you think shopping would be in a small town.

Emily Newland, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Emily is a local Payson mom to two adventurous, free spirited children. Emily and her husband, Tim, have been happily married and residing in the Payson area together for the last 9 years. Emily enjoys hiking, working out, baking, crafting, homeschooling her kiddos, and anything Disney. If you don't find Emily working on any of those things, you may find her feeding and/or taking care of her 3 goats, 2 cows, 3 cats, dog, horse or her several chickens!! Oh, and don't let us forget... her pet peacock as well!! We are so blessed to have Emily as a part of the Payson Moms Blog team!

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