My Family's Fall Tradition

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Fall, my favorite season! What can be better than warm October weather – such beautiful colors, shaped leaves on the ground, tender sun and pumpkin spice in the air wherever you go. We couldn’t wait to go to see the fall colors in Flagstaff . It became our little family tradition. Every October, we do a trip to Hart Prairie (Flagstaff area).

Before we go we always check the leaf-o-meter to be sure we are going at the right time.

Of course we take our three wonderful kiddos – two adventurous boys and our warrior princess daughter. There is so much to do in Flagstaff in the fall. We do a little driving, hike up to the mountain, then stop by the old bridge to take a couple of photos there.

Then we head to the downtown area and get some hot coco or coffee (I prefer coffee haha). We throw a blanket on the grass at the park, let the kids pick up leaves and throw them in the air, and try to take the best photos of it! (Still working on that one).

Last year we extended our trip and visited a pumpkin patch south of Flagstaff. WOW, I have never seen so many varieties and colors from traditional fall harvest vegetables! The kids were happy to get some treats, play around, and pick up some cute pumpkins... and even get a couple of funny photos. Check out the pumpkin patch here:

Coming back home to Payson always feels good if you have those precious memories and colorful moments captured in your heart, but even more special is when it’s in their little hearts too! What can be better than a day trip to see the Fall in Flagstaff?

Lena McCormick, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Lena McCormick is a local Payson mother to 3 beautiful children. Lena and her husband have been happily married since 2011. She is originally from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and is constantly learning the way of life here in America. When she is not working on homework with her children, she is cooking her favorite Ukrainian meals, finding the best deals at Good Will, and delivering gifts to her friends and those in need.

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