Fall Fairytale

Sometimes we underestimate the beauty of the area we live in. We get so used to seeing it every day and it doesn’t feel like anything special.

I got stuck a few weeks ago at home with my three sick kids and later got sick myself. Every day was the same. Finally after a week or two we felt better and we could not wait to get out of the house! We decided to go on a hike. It was just a hike in Oak Spring (Pine), but it brought so much joy and bright colors to our family after an unexpected lockdown. It was so refreshing and magicical, it felt like a fairy tale..fall fairy tale.

We started the hike slowly moving from green and yellow colors to bright orange and red. We finally got to the spot (our favorite one for a picnic) where we were surrounded by red trees. It was a carpet of leaves on a ground and rivers of red leaves coming down the hills..it felt absolutely magical. We couldn't hear anything, just the wind and gentle rustling leaves.

We definitely suggest to do this hike no later than the end of October, when leaves are not completely dropped off and trees are still beautifully dressed.

It was an experimental hike with our kids. Since we never had done a long hike with them (this one was about an hour to one end, and the same – back), we decided to check it out and see how they would do. Surprisingly they did so well, and they had so much fun! They found elk bones, some cool looking rocks and sticks, a bunch of red leaves (of course we dried them at home and put in a vase) and yes this time we took photos of them throwing leaves!

Coming back was more challenging because we had to walk uphill. We did a little competition for them - who can get to the car first without complaining? :-) ) Of course, the reward was a delicious lunch at local restaurant “That Brewery”. I enjoyed my yummy elk chiliand my husband and kids enjoyed their hamburgers and fries.

We brought home a bunch of “unique” things the kids found on the hike but most of all we brought home colorful memories of fall fairytale!

Lena McCormick, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Lena McCormick is a local Payson mother to 3 beautiful children. Lena and her husband have been happily married since 2011. She is originally from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and is constantly learning the way of life here in America. When she is not working on homework with her children, she is cooking her favorite Ukrainian meals, finding the best deals at Good Will, and delivering gifts to her friends and those in need.
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