Apple Cider for Immunity!

It's sick season again, Mamas! It's that fun time of sniffles, fevers, coughs, etc. As much as I love this time of year, it does not love me. I always try to combat the sniffles by taking more vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system. Thankfully I found this recipe and it has helped myself and my family so much recently.

What is better on a chilly night than a warm cup of apple cider? How about an apple cider that has no added sugar, has an ample amount of vitamin c and antioxidants, minerals and fiber, has no juice, and tastes so warm and comforting on a stuffy nose and throat?! It really is possible.

Where does all of the goodness come from? So much of it comes from this wonderful superfood, baobab! Baobab is a tree that is native to Africa. You know on the Lion King, the huge tree that Rafiki lives in? That's a baobab tree. They produce these huge flowers that are packed full of nutrients. Baobab flowers actually have more antioxidants than acai berries. They are loaded with vitamin c, potassium, and fiber, and have a light, citrusy flavor.

I like to mix baobab into my smoothies and even things like guacamole because it just adds so much nutrition, so why not?! Baobab powder is easily accessible thanks to Amazon, and I will add a link below of my favorite brand that has the best price per ounce.

This cider also uses vitamin c in the recipe. I literally use a packet of emergen-c or something similar. I use orange flavored kinds to stick with the apple cider vibe. I use stevia to keep this low carb but please use whatever sweetener you want.

I hope you make this cider, too, and if you do please let us know how you love it!

Immunity Apple Cider

9 cups of water

3 cinnamon sticks

20 cloves

¼ tsp mineral salt

1 tsp black strap molasses

¾ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp orange extract

2000 mg vitamin c

¼ stevia

⅓ c apple cider vinegar

2 TBS collagen powder

¼ c baobab powder

Emily Newland, Writer at Payson Moms Blog

Emily is a local Payson mom to two adventurous, free spirited children. Emily and her husband, Tim, have been happily married and residing in the Payson area together for the last 9 years. Emily enjoys hiking, working out, baking, crafting, homeschooling her kiddos, and anything Disney. If you don't find Emily working on any of those things, you may find her feeding and/or taking care of her 3 goats, 2 cows, 3 cats, dog, horse or her several chickens!! Oh, and don't let us forget... her pet peacock as well!! We are so blessed to have Emily as a part of the Payson Moms Blog team!

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